Performing a balancing act of dinner on your lap while you chow down in front of the television? Wish you could eat and drink in bed without worrying about spillage? Want to work on your laptop in the tranquility of the balcony/patio, but it's just too troublesome to move a table over? It's Table Mate II to the rescue! Ideal for eating, using a lap top, reading, writing, drawing, board games, models, puzzles, arts and crafts, trade show, gardening, serving table, table to hold a computer keyboard, just about anything you normally use a table surface for, Table Mate II is a portable and adjustable table that is easy to assemble and store. Table Mate is the patented ultimate adjustable and portable table that slides right up to your body. It takes only minutes to assemble without tools or fasteners, the perfect adjustable table for every room in the house. Great gift for all ages! Features: Slides right up with just one finger until it touches your body 2-minute assembly without any tools or fasteners. Ideal for people in limited space environments Folds into a semi-folded position for storage next to a chair or completely folded configuration for storage under a sofa or in a closet Tables stack next to each other in semi-folded position Ideal for anyone with mobility problems or anyone recovering from an injury, illness or operation No cross-braces to bump your legs on Adjusts in three different ways - to your body size, to the activity you are doing and to the chair you are sitting in. The most comfortable table ever for eating in front of the television or using for a laptop computer.

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Table Mate II

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