Water Pump Filter Ceramic for 10,000 Liters Pure Water SWS-WP1. The economic proposal for those who want to drink clean water. This economical and reliable filter reduces salts and other substances like chlorine that affects the taste and smell of your tap water. Get rid of bottled water that, in addition to the financial cost you are burdening, at times they hear so much about the bottling conditions of their distribution and storage. 

1. It reduces heavy metals and certain insecticides. 

2. Organic impurities are also reduced.

3. The result is clean, clear, delicious water for hot and cold drinks and delicious food. 

4. You will also have a reduction in salt accumulation on your home appliances. 

5. Protect the environment from plastic bottles! 

6. It does not remove valuable natural salts from water. 

7. Easy to put in a few minutes on any kind of tap!

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SWS Water Purifier

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